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Frequently asked questions

Updated August 5, 2018

What’s the story with Blue Water Grill, anyway?

Short: I’m Kelly and I opened Blue Water Grill in 2001.

Long: My name is Kelly McDermott Kanabar. I was born and raised in San Pedro, grew up at the old Paradise Hotel (now the fabulous Phoenix Resort), and went to school at the San Pedro RC School (the one you see on Front Street, near the library). After going to high school in Houston (St. Agnes) and doing my undergrad at Georgetown (We love Iverson! #practice), I came back home in 2001 and opened Blue Water Grill.

My husband, Mukul, moved here in 2003. He’s from Houston, where he went to high school at Strake Jesuit.
He did his undergrad at Haverford College. 

We both got our MBAs (entirely online) from University of Texas at Dallas in 2008.

Mukul is  the first and only Certified Sommerlier in Belize. He passed the Court of Master Sommeliers Certified Exam on July 31, 2019. 

Nobody from our staff has ever cooked on TV or won any Beard Awards.
But we’ve been open since 2001, which is still what matters, right?

You can usually find me here. Just look for an aperol spritz and I’m probably close by.
Mukul’s usually in the kitchen trying to stay out of the way, unless we’re having an IT problem.
In that case, keep your eye out for a taller, less funny Tom Haverford type guy.
Our two awesome kids are often here too...cause otherwise we’d never see them.

Why all the education talk? I’m only interested in food.

Good point. And formal education isn’t necessarily related to running a business.  But, high school, college, and graduate school aren’t the norm in Belize, particularly for young women. We detail our education here in case a kid in Belize reads this and realizes that school is a good idea and that she can aspire to big things. 

That’s great and all but would do you do to make a difference in the community?

Good question. The 3 main things we do are:

1. We give full scholarships to high school AND preschool for our staff’s children.

2. We pick a different cause every month, raise money, and match all donations. Our sister businesses, The Phoenix Resort and Wine de Vine also participate in this monthly donation effort.

You can read about our current donation effort and our past projects here.

3. We’ve contributed over $100K to the Liberty Children’s Home since 2009. That home provides care for abused and abandoned kids in Belize.  

Wait, full scholarships for high school and preschool?

Yes, for anyone who works at any of our businesses, we pay for their kids to go to high school and pre-school.
Why? Because education, like healthcare, is a right.

So you’re related to other businesses on the island?

Yes. Since we opened Blue Water Grill in 2001, our family of businesses has grown to include The Phoenix Resort, Wine de Vine, and Red Ginger.

What is "Fish Right, Eat Right"?

Fish Right, Eat Right is a certification in Belize offered by OCEANA to encourage sustainable consumption of seafood. Along with our sister restaurant Red Ginger, we were certified in September 2019. We must adhere to the strictest sustainability guidelines of buying seafood in Belize.

This is important to us because we're committed to the preservation of our ocean ecosystem. 

When do you have live music?

We have live music every Friday night. 

When is sushi available?

The sushi menu is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at dinner, along with the full dinner menu.

When are pizzas available?

Wood fired pizzas are available every day at dinner. 

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes, visit our online shop here.

Do you have high chairs?

Yes, we have high chairs, a kids menu, and a changing table in the restroom.
And we won’t judge if your kids use our free wifi to watch netflix on your ipad at the table. We’re parents too, after all.

Do you do CrossFit?

Yes and no. We give all of our staff free membership at the Gym, CrossFit or Yoga. Their choice.
Feel free to ask them about it - many of them exercise now. Don’t worry, we prohibit them from talking about CrossFit on social media. But we may or may not have a pull-up bar installed in the back. 

Anything else we should know?

Not really. But, here are 3 rules we try to follow:
1. It’s better to be happy than right.
2. Noah’s Rule: No points for predicting rain, only for building an ark.
3. Do your best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better.

And 1 recent quote, form an unlikely source, that we think is important:

"Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions."
- George W. Bush
July 12, 2016