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The January & February Donation Recap: We explain the laptops!

Monthly Donation Update, in which we explain the laptops. No, we're not setting up a call center. No, it wasn't a drug bust either.

In January and February 2017, our customers donated $5,004, which we matched. Guests of The Phoenix donated $2,685, which The Phoenix matched. And customers of Wine de Vine donated $182, which Wine de Vine matched. With the entire amount of $15,741, we bought 30 new laptops for the computer lab at San Pedro High School.

Thanks to you and your continued support of our businesses, we're able to make a meaningful difference in our community. We're grateful for that. 🙏

In March 2017, we're raising money to buy new desks and classroom supplies for the San Pedro RC School, which is the main school on the island for kids ages 5 to 13. 💻👨‍🏫🏫 🎓 #kidswhocode #Belize #community #makeadifference